Alfheim is one of the Nine Worlds in Aurora: Fallen.

Known as the "World of eternal summer", Alfheim was once a prosperous empire, ruled by the Vanir siblings Freyr and Freya. However, during the Aesir/Vanir war, they sided with the Aesir, resulting in the destruction of the Vanir Homeland Vanaheim. Overrun with guilt, Freya chose to remain in Asgard, while Freyr exiled himself within the deep forests of Alfheim, seeking solace at the Well of Mimir.

Alfheim has two distinct climates: the verdant forests, forever frozen in autumn because of the absence of the Twins, and the rocky coast, full of jagged cliffs and pebble beaches. The main settlement in Alfheim is the city of Arturielle, along the coast, governed by the Elven people. There are rumors of a group of wood-elves in the deep forest who stand guard for Freyr, but those are unproven.

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